初登録 4,000円

更新 3,000円

16歳未満の初登録・更新 2,000円

再発行 3,000円 ※今年度登録・更新者のみ

  1. 有効期限は年度ごと(1月1日~12月31日)
  2. 登録には7営業日ほど掛かります。






  1. JBJJFカード申請用紙
  2. 帯履歴用紙 ※紫帯以上で新規登録者のみ
  3. 顔写真(4x3cm)
  4. 身分証明書のコピー(日本発行で生年月日と現住所が確認できるもの)
  5. 未成年者の場合、保護者身分証明書のコピーが必要です




4.よくあるご質問 Q&A




Quem esta na academia registrada na JBJJF podem solicitar a carteira da JBJJF. E necessario sigir as regras da JBJJF. A pessoa registrada receberar uma carteira de indentificacao que podem participar dos campeonatos oficiais.
Instrutores responsaveis da academia e atletas competir campeonatos internacionais precisam se registrar IBJJF card.


1. Taxa de inscricao

Primeira inscricao??4,000 yen Renovacao??3,000 yen Menor de 16 anos??2,000 yen
1,000 yenEm 2014 nao enviamos novos carterinhas para renovacao. So se for perdeu ou impressao deteriorou-se, por favor solicitar reeditando seu carterinha. O carterinha emitido em 2013 ou mais tarde, voce pode usar como todos os anos. Nao tem problema com a cor da faixa e data de expiracao mesmo se eles sao descritos. Para aqueles que nao tem apenas uma adesao cartao emitido em ano 2012 ou antes nos lhe enviaremos um carterinha de novo numero ter sido descrito.
Cada ano ( de 1/1 a 31/12 )

2. Inscricao online

Pode pedir seu cartao atraves de inscricao online. O metodo de pagamento e cartao de credito ou Pagamento da loja de conveniencia.

Necessario para registro(primeiro registro/mudanca)
  1. Formulario do registro de ID. Proibido e-mail de celular.
  2. Foto(4x3cm)Copia de
  3. Copia de qualquer identidade (necessaria nascimento)
  4. Criancas menores de 20 anos precisam de cartoes de identificacao dos pais
  5. Belt Records *Only New Membership

You can apply for your membership of JBJJF as long as you belong to an official academy of JBJJF. Each member has to abide by the terms and conditions of JBJJF. Once you apply for a JBJJF membership, you will receive a membership card, which allows you to compete for all tournaments sanctioned by JBJJF. Responsible instructors and athletes who compete in international tournaments also need to register IBJJF card.

1. Registration fee

Initial Registration??4,000 yen Renewal??3,000 yen Under 16 years old??2,000 yen
1.000 yenFrom 2014 we don’t send new cards to renewal members. Only if it is lost or print has deteriorated, please apply for reissuing your card. The membership card issued in 2013 or later, you can use it as it is every year. There is not a problem with the belt color and expiration date even if they are described. For those who do not have only a membership card issued in 2012 or earlier, we will send you a membership card that new number have been described.
Effective Date of membership
One full year (January 1st to December 31st)
Time for Registration
Any time of the year (it usually requires 5 business days to process)If there are any errors with your registration, your errors and solution are showing on the pending list. Please submit additional documents by email, online form or FAX.

2. How to register

Online registration
The method of payment are credit card or bank transfer. Please scan and submit following items to JBJJF. Items:
  1. Application form
  2. Recent picture (40mmx30mm)
  3. A copy of bank deposit statement
Mailing registration
Please deposit to: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nishi-ikebukuro branch (170) Savings account number: 0119203 Account holder: シヤ)ニホンブラジリアンジユウジユツレンメイPlease send items to: 401 Belhaim Higashinagasaki 6-10-12 Nagasaki Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0051 Japan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation “JBJJF Membership Registration Division”